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❝ "I bought a goat." ❞





What? Why?

"Because I wanted to. Is there any other reason?”

"There probably should be, yes."

"Perhaps I wanted to begin a hobby making cheese."



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"What do I get in return?"

"Anything you’d like, Donna dear."

"It’s this like a genie’s wish?" 

"Almost. It must obey the laws of nature and physics. I can’t come up with everything."




"Is your brother this terrible to everyone?"

"Well. Yes. But I’m assuming even moreso due to your marriage.”

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Send me a thing if you think your character can beat mine in a fight.

"Possibly. You’ve been trained greatly."


"It would be interesting to find out some time, wouldn’t it?"

"Interesting wouldn’t be the correct word, in my opinion."

❝ [Knocking on door meme symbol?] ❞



"It’s rather late to be knocking down men’s doors, don’t you think Mister Holmes?" Looking the man up and down, he wondered how he had managed to even get to his estate in the dark. There was no carriage or driver in sight, so he must have conducted the journey on his own. "Is there something I can do for you?"

Khan chuckled deeply at the man’s remark, nodding as he set himself to an armchair across from his guest. “I find that the best company can be kept no matter the hour,” he agreed, comfortably crossing his legs at the ankle and leaning back languidly against the chair. He had no fear of speaking lightly in his own home - the servants would not be disturbed by their talk, and would not have been even if their quarters were within earshot.

"Ah," he addressed, nodding toward the abandoned volume on his desk where he had been reading closer to his lamp. "A volume of poetry, actually. Though I doubt that Englishmen know much of the words of Gurdas, but I find his words calming to a mind often too troubled to sleep."

There had certainly been no dearth between the men and their speech; Mycroft had admired the openness to their conversations, as it was a considerable contrast to those he frequently encountered. It brought a smile to his face—Khan was the root of many these days—as Mycroft settled into his seating comfortably.

"I cannot deny you in that regard; never before have I heard of Gurdas, but, I imagine the words would do well to another troubled mind. What sort of poetry does he write?"


can rich people feel

-[ If I did things tonight, would people like to do those things with me? ]-