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"As if you don’t know."

Residence in Florida | Source | More

Residence in Florida | Source | More

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Similar to the shower scene in Casino Royale, one of the first times their dates take a turn for the worst, Mycroft is left incredibly shaken. He had barely brushed with Death before, only ever viewing the result well after the deed has been done. Never has he seen someone die before his eyes in person, nor has he ever been the actual hand to commit it. Granted, it was to save Khan from being killed himself, but it made his hands no less rid of blood.


-[ Idris Elba has his own show. And it’s really hot. He’s really hot. Damn son. ]-

Amber Heard on the Gayle King Show (2011).

46/100—Joseph Gordon-Levitt

46/100—Joseph Gordon-Levitt


Lifting his head from the decadently silk-clad pillow he’d been resting on, he looked to the man he’d shared his evening with. It didn’t escape him that the other had slithered away to preen himself, but he found the action didn’t bother him. Men of stature such as Mr. Holmes usually tended to keep very pristine company, even after engaging in one of the less pristine acts man tended to enjoy.

"I would gladly take some tea, Mr. Holmes," he replied, combing the mussed fringe of his bangs away from his face. He could do with a bit of tending himself, if only to avoid bad manners in someone else’s home.

"And a washroom, if I might." Slipping from beneath the slim covering he stood and stretched, looking back to his host with a very satisfied grin. "Now would seem to be an unfortunate time to take myself from your good graces, and I imagine I make much better company when I’m a bit more assembled."

He had slipped on a pair of more comfortable trousers and plain black t-shirt during the time of cleaning himself. Hair still damp, though combed neatly, Mycroft now appeared without any sort of dishevelment. It was always how he managed these particular things, remaining as primed as ever even after such events of dishevelment.

Mycroft had disappeared momentarily after the other’s request, off to fetch a washrobe. Although his, ah, evening guests were not something of a frequent nature, Mycroft always had extras, out of decency.

"Any preference?" He asked, making his way over to give the robe. No doubt his eyes lingered over now risen man. He wouldn’t mind him remaining in this state, though if assembling himself made the man more comfortable, so it would be. "And you may take up your washroom needs in my bathroom. Just through that door. There’s a set of clothes on the counter that may perhaps fit you, should you need them."